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Lagoi, Kepulauan Riau, Indonesia
The turtle conservation initiative in Bintan Resorts started in 2004. There are only 1 or 2 nests a month found in the nesting season whereas in 1950's fishermen found 1 to 2 nests a night. The nesting season is from March to September. To date, more than 4000 turtle hatchlings released to the sea. What do we do? Save the turtle eggs, incubate the eggs in hatchery, release the hatchlings together with tourists, volunteers and villagers and give awareness to villagers and students from local schools in surrounding area. By saving them, there’s a hoping to see them more in the future

Tuesday, 30 June 2009

A Hand-Guide

Tomorrow.....we will have our first turtle release...
What are the questions, most of tourists are asking about?

Be prepared,, they may ask you :)

Below are the Frequently Asked Questions
(compiled by brc-rde team)

How do you find turtle eggs?

We conduct morning survey at 5 o'clock- along the potential beach in nesting season helped by a number of volunteers.

Why don't you wait until these hatchlings grow bigger and stronger?
Based on recent study in Maldives, turtle that have kept inside the captivity cage for a year will loose their instincts as turtle. Their satellite data shows that those turtles could not reach their foraging area after released.

Is it ok to touch them? Can I hold the hatchlings?

They will be stressed if touched by many hands. The best is just to observe them from a good distance that will minimize their stress.

Where is the mother turtle?
Mother turtle lives in the ocean and it crawl on shore to lay eggs. After burry eggs in a save place, they return to the sea. Hatchlings will crawl down to the sea by themselves. They are gifted by the incredible navigation system and the instinct to know how to swim and where to go.

(to be continued)

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